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Gas Power Plant

Gas Power Plant

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The important Point of Gas Turbine Power Plant:-

  • Turbine Design is easy.
  • It is more reliable.
  • Space is Required.
  • Lacer colling water is required.
  • Starting time is very good.
  • It can be operated from Remoted area.
  • Starting time, shut off time and colling time is very low.
  • Efficiency is Comparatively high.
  • Lacer Lubricating oil is required.

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Gas Powerplant:-


  • Less Neat Output.
  • Overall efficiency is low.
  • It produces very noise.
  • High capacitive compressor and Turbine Produces very much high pressure

Selection of Sites:-

  • Nearest to the Load counter. It should be situated at Load center, to avoid transmission line cost.
  • Away from the populated area. It should be situated away from the populated area, as it produces very much noise.
  • Transportation Facility. To carry the heavy machine at the time set up the plant to transportation facility is required.
  • To carry the fuel. Good quality road and approach area are necessary. 
  • Availability of Water. It can be situated in such areas where scarcity of water is prevented throughout the year.
  • Space lacer space is required. Compare to Thermal & Hydel Power Plant.
  • Load carrying capacity of the Land. As the compressor starting motor Turbines produces very much high vibration. So, Load bearing capacity of the plant is required in such area's.



  • As Thermal or Nuclear Power Plant takes time to give load in bus bar in their Gas Turbine Power Plant is very much effective. As is starting time is very quick.
  • It is stable for those area's where load factor generally 15% - 20%. 
  • It act's as an auxiliary power source If Thermal or Hydel Power Plant.
  • It can be suitable where scarcity of water is very much.
  • It can be supplied pick load very quickly.

  • Less in weight, size, the cost is small.
  • It can burn liquid as well as solid fuel.

Demerits of cycle Gas turbine:- 

  • At the time of Combustion of solid fuel's Ash & Dark can be deposited on the turbine blade.
  • As it has to return compressor in all time to 65% of the total power boost to run the compressor.
  • So, neat overall efficiency rarely goes beyond in 20 %.
  • Maintenance of the starting motor is very costly. 


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