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Dell Launches G-series Line-up Priced for Every Gamer

Dell has launched G-series gaming laptops meant to cater to each level of gamer from the novice to the advanced as well as, their socioeconomic abilities. The G3, G5, and G7 product lines are going to be far more affordable and they will carve out room for features like the latest quad-core and hex-core mobile CPU’s.

The launch of the G-series shows Dell’s intent to pay more attention to their gaming clients and their various abilities. It is a growth idea and is also one where the users tend to pay more attention to the next iteration PC which is quite good for business especially if the products at the entry level are appealing to the customers.

G-Series Features

At the lower end of the spectrum would be the G3, for the 15 and 17 inch respectively. On the inside, both are powered by the eighth generation out of Intel with core i7 option. The devices also utilize NVIDIA Ge-Force GTX 1050 for up to 1060 Max-Q GPU’s. This is topped up by 32 GB of RAM and 1080p displays. The next iteration would be the G5 and G7 15 inch levels that offer up to an eighth generation Intel Core i9 processor and a 4K display option.
The 15inch devices can also get up to 32 GB of RAM and Ge-Force GTX 1050, or 1060 Max-Q graphics. The laptops also come available with front air intake and rear exhaust so as to keep temperatures low.
At the higher end of the spectrum, Dell avails updates to the Alienware 15 and 17-inch models. Both of them are now provided with Intel’s eighth generation Core i5, i7, and i8 processors. As for pricing, the G3 starts at $749 while the G5 begins at $799 and lastly, the G7 is at $849. The base models have slow spinning hard drives though SSDs are available in SKUs which are more expensive.


Dell Gives Value for Money

On the plus side, the G series product line from Dell will help fill out its consumer-level gaming with a selection of models at reasonable starting prices. The naming protocols have also been simplified now that the firm’s Inspiron brand has been removed from the picture. Now there is only one 17 inch line up. Dell has not ruled out the prospect of adding other 17 inch models at a later date.
The 17-inch models may not be as portable as they look at 9 to 10 pounds without the AC adapters, but they are easier to lug around compared to a full desktop. This could be the competitive edge that sets them apart from some mainstream gamers.

This is not to say there are no disadvantages though to the new Dell G-series though. There is an issue with the material quality, especially where the keyboard and touchpad are concerned. There are adequate gaming options towards $1000 so one would have to be quite broke to go for the cheaply built options. However, if there is a need for the most GPU on the dollar and build quality is not the biggest priority, then the G-series is the option to consider.

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