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Cool gadget under 100 INR, just check it out


1. Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive- 32 GB

A USB Thumb drive that doubles up and works with smartphones and tablets. The 64 GB one costs just a tad over the 1k price, however, the 32 GB falls right in the spot.

2. Roccat Taito Gaming Mousepad

Gamers need this, but so do mouse fanatics and everyday browsers. The Roccat Taito Gaming Mousepad has a nano fibre weave and is extra smooth for the bottom of your mouse. The which textured rubber bottom prevents slippage from the desk. Available in two options, 5mm for Rs. 950, if you are looking for something more affordable check out the 3mm variant.

3. Deepcool Laptop Coolpad

Designed for gamers and heavy users alike. This laptop cool pad is heavy duty and features an uber silent  fan. The laptop stays put and you get a good typing angle. The featured unit also comes with a usb hub.

4.Tenda N301 Wireless N300  Router
WiFi N on a budget, look no further, the N301 has you covered for well under Rs. 1000 the budget router is not cheap in function. 5 db dual omnidirectional antennas provide good range, and upto 50 devices can be connected flawlessly.

5.Cheap0 Bluetooth Mobile Speaker

No Specific brand and a Chinese accented english speaking menu sound. Who cares right? This Rupee 730 speaker is loud, works for around 5 hours on a full charge, has bluetooth, FM Radio and will play music from a Pen Drive or micoSD card and also plug in into your phone via a standard 3.5mm jack. Replaceable Nokia battery guarantees you will get a long battery life and you can buy spare batteries for under Rs. 100 .

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